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Tips Ski Chile

Tips for your stay in the snow

  • Use of sunscreen SPF 40 at all time + and lip balm
  • Use of goggles and/or sunglasses with UV protection.Sun block
  • Ski helmet recommended for adults as well as children.
  • Temperature in El Colorado Farellones and ski resorts in central Chile is quite nice, with 10 celcius degrees during the day and average of -10  at night.
  • Electricity in Chile is 220 volts.
  • Maximum altitude goes to 3.200 mts (10.500 feet) so take it easy the first day.
  • You nay select where to ski and buy your ticket the same day taking advantage of discounts for each ski resort.
  • Skiing to Valle Nevado will take 30 minutes, taking only 3 lifts , 2 chair + 1 T -Bar. Buy your combined pass two centers (El Colorado + Valle Nevado ) , at the ticket office . The crossing will be enabled if the snow conditions are good.
  • Your ski performance will improve by wax and edge work to your skis based in the local temperature. Get your edges sharpened every 5-7 ski days depending on hard hard the snow is, it will improve your ski performance. 
  • Watch your altitude. At higher altitudes, alcohol can pack a greater punch than if imbibing at sea-level. Stay hydrated by drinking 8 ounces of water between each drink, and limit your intake.
  • Pistas ski