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Ski rental and clothes

10 reasons why to rent in Colorado Ski Shop

  • Ski Shop
  1. Rent skis, snowboard when you arrive to El Colorado or Farellones, faster, a lot more comfortable and flexible.
  2. Specialized staff 
  3. Ski's top name brands in new equipment , not available at other ski shops. Different options for ski levels.
  4. All ski equipment is certified to be in optimal conditions
  5. Upgrade of ski rental, change as many time as you need. 
  6. Tune up service for maintenance. 
  7. Ski apparel for rent (pants, jackets and gloves) for all ages.
  8. Ski rental packages for the entire season.
  9. Discounts and offers for groups 12+.
  10. Discount of 10 to 20% when adding to your reservation.

Ski Center El Colorado

Colorado Apart Hotel


Main Parking Lot

  • ski shop

Colorado Ski Shop, located 10 meters from ski lifts Cururo and Los Zorros, in the last curve of the route to the ski resorts and arriving at the base of El Colorado. Free lockers included.

  • farellones

Farellones Ski Shop, located in the main parking of Farellones, across the Montañes restaurant and Tubbing Park. Standard ski equipment certified, ski gear and accessories.